Concrete vs Pavers: Choosing the Best Material for Your Patio

Concrete vs Pavers: Choosing the Best Material for Your Patio

If you decide that you would like to install a beautiful new patio outside your home, you are going to have a number of important choices to make. One of the most important of those choices, though, is whether your patio will be constructed using poured concrete or it will be a paver patio. To help make this decision a little easier, we’ll take a look at how concrete stacks up to pavers in a number of important categories.

Paver Patios Offer More Durability

The fact that paver patios are split up into hundreds of individual pavers as opposed to being a single slab of concrete means that paver patios are going to be much more durable than concrete patios, even if the pavers themselves are made out of concrete. As the earth beneath your patio shifts over time, it can cause the concrete slab it is supporting to crack or break. Paver patios, however, are able to shift along with the ground beneath them without cracking. In the event that a paver does crack or break, it’s still much easier and more affordable to replace a single paver than to repair an entire concrete slab.   


Concrete patios are more affordable to install than paver patios, but only slightly so. On average, a paver patio costs around $15 per square foot to build. Concrete patios, meanwhile, cost about $14 per square foot to build, on average. When you consider the fact that pavers are more durable and longer-lasting, though, paver patios tend to still be the more affordable hardscaping investment in the long-run.


Both paver patios and concrete patios are incredibly easy to maintain and generally require the same basic maintenance procedures. With paver patios, you may have to ensure that weeds don’t grow up between the joints. With concrete patios, though, spills and stains are a little harder to clean up. Aside from these differences, both paver patios and concrete patios can be easily cleaned using soap and water. In the end, both paver patios and concrete patios are quite easy to maintain, and this comparison is a tossup.

Aesthetic Appeal

Since patio pavers come in a wide range of sizes, colors, designs, and surface finishes, paver patios tend to be much more attractive than concrete patios. There’s only so much room for creativity, after all, when the end result is always going to be a uniform slab of concrete. With pavers, though, the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity and design options, making pavers the clear winner in the aesthetic appeal category.

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Both paver patios and concrete patios are fine choices that offer their own unique set of advantages. When you compare these two patio types head-to-head, though, it becomes apparent that pavers are the superior choice for most homeowners.

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