Green Home Solutions

Home energy audit companies have become more sought-after in today’s environmentally-conscious age.
We can assess your home’s current energy consumption and suggest energy efficiency measures
that can make your home more efficient.
Our green home services include:

Solar Panel Installation
Solar Panel Installation

At Colossal Builders, we have the right team of licensed and trained experts who ensure professional solar panel installation guaranteed to give you the best of service for years to come.

A typical home in Los Angeles needs just ten solar panels in order to optimally reduce energy consumption. We have been installing thousands of high-quality solar panels that have helped homeowners increase green footprints while offsetting electricity bills.

Windows Installation
Windows Installation

As the leading Los Angeles windows contractor, we specialize in high-quality window replacement services and installation of wide-ranging types of windows.

We have expertise in many types of windows ranging from fiberglass, vinyl, and wood windows. Choosing us for window replacement gives you multiple benefits that include high-quality installation, professional energy audit service and maximum return on investment.

Cool Roofing
Cool Roofing

A cool roof system achieves energy efficiency by reflecting heat from the sun. Cool roof system installation ensures your home stays cooler in summers while cutting down on energy bills.

We are well-versed with the compliance of “Title 24” or Energy Efficiency Standards for residential buildings. We are also committed to sourcing the highest quality of cool roofing systems and products that are compliant with FM Approval standards.

Home Insulation
Home Insulation

When you are committed to conserving energy and doing your contribution to protect the environment, one of the key aspects to pay attention to is home insulation.

While we offer the best of home insulation, we also advise you on the right type of insulation material based on your specific budget and energy-saving requirements. Whether you are looking to insulate your home using rigid boards, cellulose, fiberglass or radiant barrier, we are here to help!

Being environmentally responsible is a top priority for homeowners in Los Angeles. With the state of California setting the target of achieving maximum reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and increasing energy efficiency of residences, many homeowners are seeking the services of an experienced home energy efficiency company.

Installing energy efficient windows, cool roofing, solar panels, and top quality home insulation are the best ways to achieve the goal of owning a green home.

Extensive Home Energy Efficiency Services

As one of the leading Los Angeles home energy audit contractor and home energy efficiency company, we at Colossal Builders offer comprehensive solutions to help you be the proud owner of an energy-efficient home.

Energy efficient windows: Poorly installed windows are the major sources of energy loss. Not only do they increase your monthly energy bills but render your home uncomfortable in winters as well as summers. As the preferred home energy efficiency company in Los Angeles area, we specialize in the installation of energy-efficient windows that can help you make considerable savings on your electricity bills while making your home a comfortable place to live in year round.

Home insulation services: We are experts in installing wide-ranging insulation materials for your attic, floors, crawl spaces, walls, and windows while guiding you on the most suitable ones ranging from fiberglass, cellulose to recycled materials. We aim to achieve maximum energy efficiency that helps convert your home to a clean and green one.

Energy audit: We have built a reputation over the years as the most professional Los Angeles home energy audit service provider.  We adopt a holistic approach towards achieving maximum energy efficiency and offer the most reliable energy audit in Los Angeles. Our audit experts carry out a thorough survey of your residence while analyzing every detail to examine opportunities to minimize energy wastage and maximizing conservation.

Solar panel installation: Solar panels are an important aspect of a green home. From examining your home’s roofing to evaluate its strength, dimensions, and suitability for solar panel installation to analyzing the amount of sunshine or shade to top quality solar panel installation, we provide extensive support to homeowners.

A Streamlined Process

Right from the initial consultation, conceptualization of design, choosing the materials, energy audit to installation, we seek to provide a rich experience for homeowners. Our satisfied clients are the reason behind the five-star Yelp ratings that we have earned.

With a streamlined 3-step process, we have made it fast and easy for you to zero in on the choice of insulation materials, methods of conserving energy, and solar panel installation. While our dedicated project manager listens actively and intently to your concerns and requirements with respect to your green home, we are able to offer the right solution at the right time to meet your budget, décor, and energy efficiency needs.

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Whether it is insulation or solar panel installation, we adhere to defined timeframes ensuring zero hassles or interruptions in your daily routines.