Cool Roofing Systems for Your Home in Los Angeles

Efficient Solutions from One of the Top Cool Roofing Contractors in Los Angeles Area

Concerned about high energy bills or looking to make your home more comfortable in summers? If your home is uncomfortable during summers and your energy bills are always high, the solution lies in cool roofing. A cool roof system achieves energy efficiency by reflecting heat from the sun. As one of the top cool roofing contractors in Los Angeles area, we specialize in cool roof system installation that ensures your home stays cooler in summers while cutting down on energy bills.

Key Benefits of Cool Roofing

Cool roofs have both short and long-term benefits such as:

  • A 30 to 50% reduction in energy cost.
  • Reduced cost of roof maintenance.
  • Highly reflective surface makes the home comfortable.
  • Extends lifecycle of the air-conditioning unit.
  • Waterproofing eliminates leaks and dampness while increasing the lifecycle of the roof.
  • Minimizes the “Urban Heat Island” effect – this is a phenomenon where an urban area becomes considerably warmer than surrounding suburban or rural areas as a result of human activities such as land modification and heat generation. 
  • Zero landfills as the existing roof is not removed.
  • Energy efficient roofing leads to optimum energy savings.
  • Utility rebates from $0.20 to $0.30 per sq. ft. offered by LADWP (Los Angeles Department of Water and Power).

Professional Cool Roofing Services

As one of the top cool roofing contractors in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, West LA, and Ventura County, we are well-versed with the compliance of “Title 24” or Energy Efficiency Standards for residential buildings. We are also committed to sourcing the highest quality of cool roofing systems and products that are compliant with FM Approval standards. FM Approvals is an independent global certifying authority for roof assemblies. To obtain approval, roof assemblies go through stringent testing while being subjected to numerous perils such as hail damage, wind uplift, water leakage, and weather damage. 

From using cool color pigments to applying an elastomeric coating of paint that uses urethane, acrylic or silicone to bring about a rubberized waterproof surface that effectively reflects heat, we offer innovative cool roofing options.

Efficient and Time-Tested Process

As one of the top cool roofing contractors in Los Angeles area, we pay the utmost attention to every minute detail. Our efficient and time-tested process of cool roofing begins with a detailed consultation where a dedicated project manager gets an in-depth understanding of your cool roofing requirements. This is followed by a visit to your location to evaluate the roof, conduct an energy audit to get an accurate picture of stress points and roof penetrations and to plan the installation process. Installation of a cool roofing system involves these steps:

  • Washing and cleaning the roof
  • Roof repairs
  • Addressing drainage issues and water ponding
  • Sealing metal ducts of air-conditioning
  • Installation of waterproof membrane
  • Sealing any stress points and roof penetrations
  • Washing the roof
  • Applying the final roof coating

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Professionally installed cool roofing can make all the difference when it comes to your energy conservation efforts. As one of the top cool roofing contractors in Los Angeles, we have installed thousands of systems that have helped homeowners in Los Angeles save money, reduce maintenance costs in the long run, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and avoid landfill waste.