Energy Efficient Windows for Your Los Angeles Home

Energy Saving Solutions from Top Los Angeles Window Contractor

Concerned about excessively high energy bills? If you have been paying a disproportionately high electricity bill as compared to the actual usage, it is time to take a close look at the windows in your home. Poorly installed insulation or sub-optimally performing windows are one of the leading causes of energy loss in homes. While these windows waste precious energy, they lead to increased expenditure in terms of repairs and high energy bills. As one of the top Los Angeles window contractor, we specialize in high-quality window replacement services and installation of wide-ranging types of windows.

Upgrading to Energy Efficient Windows

Upgrading to energy efficient windows is the best decision that homeowners can make in Los Angeles. According to estimates, 30 percent of heat lost or gained is because of poor quality windows. By investing in window replacement and upgrading existing ones with energy efficient windows, you can reap multiple benefits of enhanced energy savings, reduced energy bill, and improved comfort in winters and summers while contributing towards energy conservation.

Types of Energy Efficient Windows

We have expertise in many types of windows ranging from fiberglass, vinyl windows, triple-pane windows, double-pane windows, and wood windows. 

Triple-glazed vinyl windows are effective in maintaining ideal internal temperature because of the use of three layers of glass which carry insulation in between. Gas-filled windows are those in which a non-toxic gas such as Krypton or Argon is used to fill in the space between glass panes to enhance insulation. 

Wood is a popular material given its aesthetic value and excellent insulation properties. At Colossal Builders, we install triple-glazed wood, vinyl or gas-filled insulation that meet your energy conservation goals while aligning with your home’s décor.

Why Choose Us for Window Replacement?

Choosing us for window replacement gives you multiple benefits that include:

  • High-quality installation 
  • Expertise in all types of windows
  • Reliable advice and guidance on choosing the best type of window
  • Focus on customer satisfaction
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Professional energy audit services
  • Maximum return on investment

We Offer Efficient Installation Process

While our window replacement experts visit your home to evaluate the extent of heat loss and the number of windows that need replacement, they offer the most trusted advice on which material is ideal for your home. Our highly trained and certified energy audit professionals evaluate the entire home to assess energy leaks and identify the exact nature of the problem. With an efficient installation process, we guarantee a quick turnaround time that ensures homeowners experience zero hassles and downtime.

The quality of window installation and window replacement is as important as the quality of material chosen for doors and windows. High-quality window replacement can help homeowners save as much as 15 percent on energy bills while installing energy efficient windows can cut down cooling or heating bills by up to 33 percent every year.

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As the #1 top Los Angeles window contractor, we have been offering our professional services to residents in Los Angeles and surrounding areas for decades. We have helped homeowners experience “Colossal” advantages in terms of:

  • Reduced energy bills
  • Quieter homes
  • Minimized dust 
  • Energy conservation
  • Optimum comfort in all seasons
  • Enhanced property value