Concrete Pool Decks for Your Los Angeles Home

Pool decks are essential functional landscaping elements that not only add usable space but also enable a smooth transition between different outdoor spaces. At Colossal Builders, we specialize in concrete pool deck installation that enhances beauty, safety, and functionality of your swimming pool and backyard. As the most trusted concrete pool deck contractors Los Angeles city and surrounding areas lay claim to, we have extensive experience in outdoor projects ranging from concrete patios to driveways, walkways, and pool decks.

When the summer days’ heat goes up, the best way to chill is to make a splash in your swimming pool. While a swimming pool lets you make the most of warm weather, an important element of your backyard is safety. A slippery pool deck is known to be the top cause behind pool-related injuries. 

Why Choose Concrete for Pool Decks?

As swimmers splash water around while diving in or climbing out, pool decks become wet quickly.  A slippery wet surface is a potential safety hazard with a high risk of falling on to a hard surface or hitting one’s head on the pool’s railings. Particularly when children are around, safety is the top-most priority when it comes to pool deck surfaces. A non-slip material such as concrete can help ensure your pool deck is safe at all times. 

As compared to other hardscape materials, concrete pool deck offers many advantages:

  • Concrete ensures the pool deck surface is not uneven, bumpy or coarse
  • Reflects heat to ensure the surface is cool on hot days, making it possible to walk on barefoot
  • Blends seamlessly with other hardscaped or paved areas in the backyard
  • Resists weed, mildew, algae, frost, acid, and chemicals
  • Available in pleasing neutral colors that match well with your outdoor décor
  • Extremely durable and abrasion-resistant which means the pool deck surface does not crack over time

We Are #1 Concrete Pool Deck Contractors Los Angeles Homeowners Trust 

As the preferred concrete contractors, we have been helping homeowners in Los Angeles realize their dreams of owning stunning outdoor spaces including pool decks, patios, driveways, walkways, outdoor kitchens, and firepits. 

Our mission is to create magical outdoor spaces that are easy to maintain and last for a lifetime while boosting your property value.

We have made a mark as the leading concrete pool deck contractors Los Angeles homeowners trust backed by our use of cutting-edge technology, highly skilled design and installation experts, and priority to quality. 

Superior and Stylish Concrete Pool Deck Installation

From small to expansive, simple to complex, we can handle any scale and type of indoor and outdoor home projects. We give utmost attention to customer satisfaction and quality at every step of concrete pool deck installation starting from advising on the choice of material, design, procurement of materials, installation and finishing. 

Our top quality concrete driveways, patios, pool decks, walls, outdoor kitchens, and artificial turf stand the test of time giving homeowners maximum return on their investment. When durability and aesthetics are the top considerations, Colossal Builders is the #1 Los Angeles contractor services.

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