Pavers Installation for Your Home in Los Angeles

Update the Look of Your Los Angeles Property

Colossal Builders in Los Angeles can create a beautiful driveway, patio, or pool deck for your Los Angeles home. Pavers installation can add beauty and class to an otherwise normal driveway or landscape. Our paver contractors have years of experience in the industry, creating aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces. Whether you’re looking to update your driveway, outdoor kitchen, walkway, or more — our team can make it happen. Contact Colossal Builders today to schedule your free estimate.


Why Choose Colossal Builders for Your Pavers Installation?

  • Top service provider of pavers installation in Los Angeles
  • Create unique designs for your outdoor space
  • Free estimates and a dedicated project manager
  • Wide-range of services
  • Transform your outdoor space!

Expert Solutions from the Leading Los Angeles Pavers Contractor

Who wouldn’t love a stunning patio, a durable driveway or an attractive pool deck? Paved landscapes add an element of surprise, enhance aesthetics while amplifying the property value. If you are looking for the best pavers contractor in Los Angeles to transform your outdoor spaces, look no further!

As the leading name for pavers installation in Los Angeles, Colossal Builders is synonymous with top-notch quality. We excel in providing wide-ranging paver installation services that transform your outdoor spaces to give your home a distinct, stylish, and unique look and feel.

Our creative and experienced team of designers help translate the dreams that you have for your driveway, patio, pool deck, outdoor kitchen, BBQ, walkway, planter walls or fire pits. We offer 3D rendering of all designs to help you get a 360-degree view of your paved landscapes which enables you to select the right colors, patterns, designs, and type of pavers.

We have built a reputation as the top service provider of pavers installation in Los Angeles on the basis of these unique features: unique designs that match your style and décor needs, customized solutions, a highly streamlined installation process, the best of craftsmanship, quick turnaround time, competitive pricing and accurate, free estimate, guidance of a dedicated project manager from start to finish, customer-centricity.


We are Well-Versed in all Types of Paver Projects

At Colossal Builders, we are experts at a wide range of paver installation projects, including:

Driveway paving

Driveway Paving

A paver driveway can be an eye-catching addition to your home, and we are able to quickly and expertly build paver driveways in a wide range of styles.

Patio Paving

Patio Paving

Paver patios make for a durable and attractive outdoor space, and installing paver patios is one of our most commonly-requested services.

Pool Deck Paving

Pool Deck Paving

A paver pool deck offers a number of big advantages, from protecting your pool to providing swimmers with a non-slip surface to walk along. If you would like to install a paver pool deck around your pool, we are able to help.

Outdoor Kitchen Paving

Fire Pits Paving

Enjoy cooking in the great outdoors whenever you like by letting us install a beautiful outdoor paver kitchen outside your home.

Walkway Paving

Walkway Paving

Paver walkways are both a functional and eye-catching addition to a home, and we are able to affordably install paver walkways in little time at all.

Planter Wall Paving

Planter Walls

If you would like to showcase your plants with a stunning and long-lasting planter paver wall, we are able to help.

A Wide Range of Paver Designs

One of the best things about building with pavers is the fact that pavers come in a wide range of colors, designs, and materials.
At Colossal Builders, we are proud to offers a wide range of paver designs, including:


Contemporary pavers have the most modern look of the available paver designs.
These pavers feature clean, sharp lines and intricate surface finishes that can give your landscape a contemporary and modern look. Some of the contemporary style pavers include:

  • Angelus Paseo,
  • Belgard Catalina Slate
  • Belgard Lafitt Grana Slab
  • Olsen Infinity Plank
  • Belgard Catalina Grana
  • Angelus Aqualina
  • Belgard Moduline Plank
  • Angelus Courtyard Stone


Natural pavers are made out of natural stone such as granite or flagstone. They offer a very timeless and distinct style while also being incredibly durable.

Some of the natural style pavers are Orco Pietra, Angelus Slaton Random, Olsen Infinity Skifer, Angelus Pavilion, Belgard Mega Lafitt Slate, Belgard Urbana, and Angelus Heartland.


Traditional pavers are the most basic paver design, but they are also the most classic. Traditional pavers feature simple patterns and surface finishes but can still be purchased in a wide range of colors and patterns alike.

Some of the traditional style pavers include Angelus Antique Cobble and Belgard Old World Stone.


As the name suggests, rustic pavers feature a worn and antiquated design that can really make your driveway, patio, or pool deck stand out. If you are a fan of the worn and rustic look, rustic pavers are the ideal choice for you.

Some of the rustic style pavers are Angelus Estate Cobble, Belgard Lafitt Rustic Slab, Belgard Dublin Cobble, Angelus Castle Cobble, Belgard Mega Bergerac, Angelus Slate Stone, Orco Mediterranean, Belgard Mega Lafitt Grana.


Professional Pavers Installation

When you want to make a unique style statement with paved outdoor spaces, working with an established pavers contractor in Los Angeles gives you many benefits.  At Colossal Builders, we have the right combination of depth of experience and updated knowledge of modern trends in the industry. This enables us to guide you on choosing the best of pavers that are aligned with your style, architecture, and budget requirements. While we have set stringent quality standards for both product quality and installation, we are committed to sourcing the best of paver materials keeping in mind aesthetics and durability.

We Give Equal Attention to Functionality,
Durability, and Safety

While aesthetics are an important aspect, we give equal attention to functionality, and durability. From choosing slip-resistant pavers for pool decks to installing permeable pavers in your walkways, we ensure your paved outdoor spaces are safe, maintenance-free, and last for years.

Permeable Paving in Los Angeles Area

At Colossal Builders, permeable paver installation is one of our specialties. Permeable pavers are pavers that are designed to be water-permeable, meaning that they will absorb water rather than letting the water run off of the pavers. If you live in an area where excess rainfall and erosion are concerns, permeable pavers can be extremely beneficial. A permeable paver driveway, for example, will absorb water that flows off of your house instead of letting that water run down your driveway and erode away the soil in your lawn. Permeable pavers are made out of interlocking pavers that have gaps between the pavers that are large enough for water to filter through.

As Specialists in Interlocking Pavers,
We Follow a Streamlined Installation Process

It’s important to note, though, that not all pavers are permeable. If you have any concerns about erosion, be sure to ask your paving company if permeable pavers are a good solution for your home.

Pavers are brick-like components that can be interlocked together to build a wide range of outdoor constructions. While all pavers fit this description, pavers come in large variety of sizes, materials, colors, and design styles. In addition to these options, you will also have the option to choose between permeable and non-permeable pavers as well depending on where your home is located and how much of an issue excess rainfall is for your landscape.