BBQs and Fire Pit Paving for Your Los Angeles Home

We know how much you love the warmth, the crackling sounds, and the smokey smell associated with fire pits. Fire pit paving makes it possible for you to extend your outdoor entertaining well into winter months. With a high-quality paved fire pit, you can create a warm and welcoming cozy corner in your backyard or patio. Whether you are dreaming about relaxing around the mesmerizing flames or wish to create a focal point for outdoor entertaining, it is important to choose the most professional fire pit pavers contractor Los Angeles region has.

A Paved Fire Pit Adds Great Value to Your Property

Homeowners love the flexibility and versatility of fire pits which can be used for grilling, cooking and creating a warm ambiance for chilly winter nights.  Adding a paved fire pit or revamping an existing one is a great way to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest extent throughout the year. Apart from accentuating your patio or backyard, a perfectly crafted paved fire pit boosts the value of your property. 

While some experts estimate high-quality paved fire pits can boost resale value by as much as 40%, others believe 78% of the investment costs can be recovered. 

The Colossal Advantage

As the leading fire pit pavers installation service provider, we at Colossal Builders know what it takes to earn our customers’ trust. Our high-quality fire pit pavers installation process begins with a consultation to understand your style, décor, and functionality requirements. Our experts offer the best of hardscape ideas that capture the vision you have for your outdoor space. 

Pavers are the natural choice for wide-ranging applications including driveways, walkways, patio, pool deck, and fire pits. As sturdy, durable, and flexible materials, pavers can enhance the look of your outdoor space while ensuring safety. 

We Offer Reliable Advice on Choice of Fire Pit Pavers

As a trusted contractor service provider in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, we offer quick turnaround time, reliable advice on choice of paver materials, and a professional installation process. Low-quality installation, poor choice of materials or using incorrect joint sand can all lead to numerous problems in paved fire pits including cracks, splits, weed growth, and mineral salt deposits. Improper installation of paved fire pits can also mean a fire hazard. At Colossal Builders, we ensure that we take care of every small detail related to the paved fire pit to prevent unwanted fires.

We have earned a reputation for being the best fire pit pavers contractor Los Angeles region has based on the utmost priority we give to quality and customer satisfaction.

From using the best polymeric sand and sealers between paver joints to prevent weed growth to sourcing high-quality paver materials to ensure your fire pit endures temperature fluctuations, we leave no stone unturned.

Call us Today to Give Your Fire Pit a Unique Makeover

Whether you need custom-designed fire pits to complement the unique exterior décor of your home or the landscape, we have the right solutions. From Capri fire pits to natural stone, we are well-versed in using different styles, colors, and textures to ensure your fire pit seamlessly blends into your outdoor space. Give us a call today for a free estimate!