Walkway Pavers for Your Home in Los Angeles

Walkways are an integral part of back yard and front yard landscaping. A beautiful walkway enhances the curb appeal while helping you make a great first impression on guests and neighbors. While aesthetic is important, functionality, durability, and quality are equally crucial. Whether you are looking for a beautiful paved walkway that leads you to the garden, pool deck or your front door, we at Colossal Builders can craft it to perfection. As the top walkway pavers contractor Los Angeles and surrounding regions have, we have extensive experience in hardscape design and paved walkway installation.

Key Benefits of Walkway Pavers

Pavers have many advantages over other materials including concrete or asphalt which makes them the obvious choice for walkways.  

Strength: Pavers, unlike asphalt, can withstand temperature fluctuations, erosion, root or weed growth, and earthquakes. An even surface load distribution enables pavers to stay strong in the face of weather changes or heavy load.

Versatile:Pavers are available in wide-ranging styles, patterns, and colors, which mean homeowners can find the perfect paver designs for their walkways.

Eco-friendly: Permeable interlocking pavers can filter out run-offs and prevent water bodies from being polluted.

Low maintenance:Pavers are best suited for walkways as they resist stains, spills or other chemical damage.

As the leading walkway pavers contractor Los Angeles region can lay claim to, we can give your front yard or back yard walkways a unique makeover. 

Professional Hardscape Design

We offer the best of contracting services and walkway pavers installation in Los Angeles and surrounding areas including San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita, West Los Angeles, Simi Valley, and Ventura County.

Whether you are looking for a simple straight walkway or a curved path that adds an intriguing twist to your landscape, we can bring your walkway dreams to life.

We take into consideration every aspect of your home’s interiors and exterior before offering the best-suited walkway hardscape design. Some of the important factors we look at include the width of the walkway, the style of your home, and the choice of materials. We have the right design solutions to match your home’s Victorian, traditional colonial or contemporary styles. 

Our design experts can help you choose the perfect pavers with sophisticated finishes and unique textures that compliment your exterior spaces. We guide you on choosing the right paver materials ranging from natural stone, concrete, flagstone, bluestone, cobblestone, and Travertine to bring out the best in your walkway.

High-quality Walkway Pavers Installation

Poor quality installation can not only impact the appearance but can increase the risk of accidents and injuries. Sunken pavers are a common problem that could be due to improperly prepared base or inefficient drainage that was not addressed before installation. A lack of attention to drainage also can lead to water pooling on the surface, further increasing the risk of falls and weed growth. A walkway with uneven gaps can also increase the chances of tripping, and most often are due to a faulty base.

As the preferred walkway pavers contractor in Los Angeles area, we carefully look into every aspect from laying the base, addressing the drainage before installation, and focusing on a perfect finish to give you a “Colossal” advantage.  

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