Pedestal Pavers Installation

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At Colossal Builders, pedestal pavers installation is one of the many pavers installation services that we are proud to offer to customers throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding area. If you would like to create a raised surface outside your home using beautiful pedestal pavers, you can count on the pedestal pavers installation experts at Colossal Builders.

What are Pedestal Pavers?

Paver pedestal systems are designed to elevate pavers in a way that enables you to create a durable and attractive raised surface. Pedestal pavers are typically used to support lightweight roof pavers. The lightweight concrete roof pavers are light enough for the pedestals to easily support the load while also being durable enough to serve as a walking surface.

The Benefits of Pedestal Pavers

Pedestal pavers installation offers a number of key benefits that are well-worth considering if you are looking to build a structure such as a patio outside your home. Just a few of these benefits that you will want to be aware of include:

  • Creative Design Options – The ability to elevate your structure gives you a lot more room to create a structure outside of your home that is truly creative and one-of-a-kind. Structures such as patios that are elevated using pedestals are unique and eye-catching. In addition to the numerous other benefits that pedestal pavers offer, their aesthetics is certainly one of their biggest selling points.
  • Better Water Drainage – If you live in an area where proper drainage is a concern, building a structure using pedestals pavers may be your ideal choice. Since these pedestals raise your structure up off of the ground, they make it easy for water to flow underneath the pavers unimpeded. In this way, building a raised structure using a paver pedestal system can go a long way toward helping you combat erosion and excess water buildup.
  • Easy Installation – Pedestal paver constructions may look more complicated than your typical paver construction, but the truth is that pedestal pavers are just as easy and affordable to install as standard pavers. At Colossal Builders, we always work to complete paver projects as quickly as possible, and pedestal paver installation is no exception.