Design the Perfect Home in 2020

Home Décor Trends 2020

Design the Perfect Home in 2020

Home Décor Trends You’re About to See Everywhere in 2020

With the new decade in full swing, it’s time to start looking ahead to some of the top home décor trends you can expect to see taking center stage in 2020. Whether you are looking for inspiration for your own home décor or you are simply interested in learning more about what trends are on the horizon in the new year, this list of top 2020 home décor trends is sure to be useful. So, without further ado, here are the top home décor trends you are about to see everywhere in 2020. 

Colorful Cabinets 

Gone are the days when cabinets only came in a fixed number of basic colors – in 2020, expect to see homeowners growing more and more bold with the color of their cabinets. Brightly colored cabinets such as navy blue or red cabinets can really set a kitchen’s décor apart when matched with the rest of the kitchen’s color scheme, and opting for cabinets that stray from the traditional colors is a great way to give your kitchen a unique and eye-catching design. 

Floral Wallpaper 

Floral wallpaper has been around forever, and there was a time when this style of wallpaper was incredibly popular. As we enter into 2020, expect to see a resurgence in the popularity of floral wallpaper – except with a more modern twist. Bold colors, large images, and metallic shades are all floral wallpaper trends that you can expect to see growing in popularity this year. 

Antique Art 

If you haven’t begun your art collection yet, now is a great time to start – and antique art is the way to go. There’s just something special about a piece of art that has age and history behind it, and decorating with antique art is one of the top home décor trends of the new year. 

Rattan and Wicker Furniture 

Ratan and wicker furniture has always been a popular choice for outdoor and patio furniture. In 2020, though, look for this style of furniture to start appearing more and more inside the home as well.

Free-Standing Bathtubs 

According to the 2019 U.S. Houzz Bathrooms Trends study, 50% of homeowner who installed a new bathtub in 2019 opted for a free-standing flat-bottom tub while another 9% opted for a free-standing claw-foot tub. These tub designs are still uncommon enough to unique and eye-catching, but you can expect to start seeing more and more of them as we go throughout 2020 and beyond. If you decide to hire a bathroom contractor or bathroom remodel company to complete a remodel of your bathroom, consider installing one of these attractive tubs. 

Canopy Beds

If you’ve always dreamed of having a canopy bed, there’s no better time than now to make that dream come true. The canopy beds that are gaining popularity in 2020, though, aren’t the same canopy beds of old. Instead, expect to see modern versions featuring metal or acrylic frames and sleek, modern upholstery replacing heavy fabrics and chunky designs.   

Black is the New Black

If there is one color that is already making a big splash in 2020, it’s the color black. For many years, homeowners mostly avoided using black too heavily in their home’s décor and opted for lighter shades instead. Today, though, contrasting black and white décor elements is a growing trend and a great way to take advantage of the attractive contrast between these two colors. 

A Return to Vintage Accents 

Some of the accents that went along with furniture designed in the 1800s and 1900s – such as spindles and spooled legs – are set to make a return in 2020. While most homeowners won’t fully decorate their home with vintage pieces, adding a few statement pieces of vintage furniture is becoming a popular trend. 

Non-White Kitchens

Over the past decade, kitchens that feature an all-white or almost-all-white décor were all the rage. Little by little, though, homeowners have been moving away from the all-white kitchen and have begun incorporating elements such a bright colors, natural wood, and more. The result is a kitchen design trend that is brighter and more vibrant while also being one that gives homeowners more freedom to create a kitchen décor scheme that is unique and refreshing. If you are looking to complete a kitchen remodel, going with a non-white kitchen is an appealing option to consider. 

Patina Accents 

While modern, industrial décor elements are still popular in 2020, aged and patinaed décor elements are starting to make a comeback. In 2020, expect to see more and more patina design accents such as earthenware and patinaed copper as the trend of appreciating patina and age starts to grow. 

Kitchen Art 

One of the big focuses of kitchen décor in 2020 is ensuring that the kitchen is an attractive and enjoyable room and not simply a work room where food is prepared. While there are a number of ways to go about accomplishing this goal, any great kitchen renovation expert will tell you that decorating your kitchen with theme-appropriate artwork is one easy way to make your kitchen a more alluring and enjoyable space. 

Navy Blue 

Named as the 2020 color the year, navy blue is quickly becoming one of the most popular colors for home décor. It’s certainly an attractive and versatile color and one that is easy to incorporate into almost any home décor theme. 

Cozy Fabrics 

In 2020, expect to see a focus on comfort when it comes to the fabric elements of home décor. Soft, comfy textures are quickly becoming the go-to choice for decorative fabric elements, and this is a long-due design trend that we can all appreciate.  

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