Why Do You Need the Services of a Home Energy Audit Contractor?

Home Insulation

Why Do You Need the Services of a Home Energy Audit Contractor?

There are many reasons why you should hire the most professional home energy audit contractor in your area. According to the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, commercial and residential buildings take up 40 percent of the total energy used in the United States. The Office also estimates that energy lost through outdated cooling or heating systems, air leaks, and drafts could cost homeowners anywhere between $200 to $400 annually.

A professional home energy audit contractor in Los Angeles can conduct a thorough energy audit and help reduce these losses. Insulation contractors can help plug loopholes in your home or commercial buildings and carry out energy-efficiency upgrades that help you not only save money, but experience enhanced comfort in your office or home.

Wall Insulation
Wall Insulation

Insulating your property, installing solar panelsenergy efficient roof, and energy saving windows are some of the measures the home energy audit contractor takes to reduce your home or office energy consumption and fuel bills. Adequate insulation also helps remove dampness, making your home or commercial space a healthier place to live in.

Saving on energy that comes from natural gas or coal is crucial to protect the environment. A comprehensive energy audit helps you make informed choices on the modifications required, such as solar panel installation, that help reduce carbon emissions and pollutants.

How Does Energy Loss Occur in Buildings?

Close to 35 percent of heat is lost in an uninsulated home through the walls while 25 percent of energy loss occurs through the roof. Floor, windows, attic, basement, and doors account for 40 percent of heat loss in a home. 

Walls are constantly in contact with the outside colder temperatures. The heat energy within is transferred through the walls by conduction. Homes with poor wall insulation tend to lose most of the heat in this way.

Foundation walls in the basement, and the cement slab that is beneath the home or building’s foundation have very poor insulation capabilities. Insulation capacity of a material is measured using “R-Value” where the higher the value, the more the insulation capacity. The poured concrete slab has an R-value of slightly above 1, which means heat quickly dissipates through these spaces. 

Attic and roofs are the second highest sources of heat loss because hot air tends to rise and escape through these when insulation is not adequate. 

How Colossal Builders Can Reduce Power Bill and Make Your Home Green

As the leading home energy audit contractor and energy efficient paint company in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, we at Colossal Builders can identify causes of heat loss in your building or home’s attic, roof, doors, windows, and basement. 

As a one-stop destination for home energy audit and energy efficiency services, we can also carry out green home upgrades and installation that include:

  • Solar panel installation
  • Home insulation services
  • Energy-efficient paint
  • Installation of energy saving windows and doors
  • Cool roofing

We follow a streamlined process that begins with a thorough energy audit. Our team of experienced and licensed experts guides you on the choice of insulation materials, solar panel installation, and methods of saving energy. An efficient installation process ensures minimal hassles or downtime.