Installing Pavers Around Pool

Paver pool deck

Installing Pavers Around Pool

Colossal Builders have been the preferred paver pool deck contractor for years. From laying a paver walkway that is stunningly beautiful to professional paver driveway installation, we are well-versed in all types of paver installation.

Choosing the Pool Deck Material

Swimming pools are the ideal way to make the most of the outdoors in sunshine-filled Los Angeles and surrounding areas. While the pools are fun, slips and falls are not.

Every year, according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), 155,000 injuries occur as a result of slips and falls around swimming pools. Clearly, safety and durability, apart from aesthetics, are the key criteria for choosing the pool deck material.

Pavers Are the Best Choice for Pool Decks

If you are considering installing a swimming pool or already have a pool that you want to deck up, pavers are a natural choice. While pool deck pavers add another dimension of aesthetics to your pool, pavers are durable, safe, and easy to maintain. Pavers have distinct advantages over other materials in terms of:

  • Lasting beauty: Interlocking concrete pavers impart a beautiful look to outdoor spaces. Available in neutral, earthy, and pleasing tones, these pavers blend in seamlessly with the outdoor theme.
  • Safety and strength:  Pavers are slip-resistant and highly durable. They withstand the salt water, chemicals, impact of water splashing, and weather fluctuations without cracking or splitting, making them the ideal material for pool decking.
  • Affordability: Pavers are the most affordable and cost-effective choice, given their ease of maintenance, replicability, and durability.

While choosing the right material for pool decking is important, it is also crucial to entrust your pool deck paver installation to an experienced paver pool deck contractor.

Choosing the Right Paver Pool Deck Contractor

While many homeowners attempt a DIY for pool deck installation, here are the common mistakes that can hamper the overall appearance and functionality of the pool deck:

  • Damage to power lines and plumbing
  • Ignoring the type of soil     
  • Improper drainage leading to water pooling on decks
  • Forgetting to choose the right border
  • Not sealing the pavers
  • Not choosing the best professional paver pool deck contractor

Some soil types are grainy and loose, while in some areas, the soil is compact and naturally clay-like. The extent of compacting needed before pavers installation and the depth at which the base material needs to be placed depends on the type of soil beneath your pool area.

Another key area of focus is on plumbing, drainage, and power lines. Installation of pavers around your pool is also not complete without sealing the joints. Sealants protect the pavers from stains, smears, and weather damage. At Colossal Builders, we use top-notch sealants to ensure the original colors of the pavers are retained over time while preventing stains and weed growth in the joints.

A professional Installation Gives the Best Results

With a streamlined process of installation, we look into the type of native soil to ensure an appropriate base for the pavers. As experts in laying patio stones and in pool installation, we can transform your pool deck with bespoke pavers with granite, cobblestones, traditional bricks or tile finishes.