What’s Best for Your Bathroom Remodel Lighting?

Bathroom Remodel Lighting

What’s Best for Your Bathroom Remodel Lighting?

Remodeling your bathroom means that there are a number of important decisions you will need to make regarding the materials you choose, the appliances you have installed, and more. One often overlooked decision in the bath remodeling process, though, is the type of bathroom remodel lighting that you will use.

The right lighting can make or break a bathroom’s décor – and you might be surprised to see just how much of a difference lighting can make in your bathroom’s atmosphere and overall design. To help you select the right lighting for your bathroom, we’ll take a look at a few tips you can use to select the fixtures that will cast your new bathroom in the best possible light.

Use Three Layers of Bathroom Remodel Lighting

Layering your bathroom’s lighting is one of the best ways to ensure that you have plenty of light available as well as provide specific types of lighting for specific purposes. An ideal bathroom lighting design is one that layers together ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Ambient lighting is the main source of light in your bathroom and comes from fixtures such as a chandelier or flush mount. Task lighting, meanwhile, is lighting that is focused on your mirror and is designed to help with tasks such as shaving or applying makeup. Lastly, accent lighting can be used to highlight specific features of your bathroom and finish off its décor.

By layering these three types of lighting together, you can create a bathroom that is ideally well lit while also ensuring that you have the right type of light to perform specific tasks.

Maximize Natural Lighting

It’s difficult to beat the beauty of natural lighting when determining how to light a room, and your bathrooms are certainly no exception. So long as the bathroom that you are remodeling is an exterior room, adding in an extra window or two to let in more natural light is an excellent option to consider.  

Natural Lighting Bathroom Remodel
Maximize natural lighting

Choose the Right Bulbs

The bulbs that you select can have a major impact on your bathroom’s lighting. For light that is warm and natural-feeling, we recommend bright LED bulbs. Installing a dimmer in your bathroom is another excellent option that provides plenty of versatility, allowing you to adjust the brightness of your bulbs from full brightness to a dim, romantic light.

Let Colossal Builders Help With Your Next Bathroom Remodel

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